This project began as a portion of a Graduate Core Curriculum project while in Seattle Pacific University’s School of Theology [THEO 6930]. In an attempt to translate our learning from Intro to Scripture to praxis, we created a survey to be sent out via social media and through email. The survey aimed at gauging the level to which respondents demonstrated biblical literacy.

This report is only the beginning–a trial run, if you will, on defining and teasing apart what characteristics and markings are indicative of one with biblically literacy, fluency and facility. We hope that in partnership with the Center for Biblical and Theological Education at Seattle Pacific University, we may begin to unpack these concepts and move to a generally accepted definition and assessment of the phrase “biblical literacy.”

Using prior research and polling done by Gallup, Pew Forum, Prothero, Smith and Dean as a guides, this survey and accompanying video and blog were created to begin to understand the conversations and measurements regarding biblical literacy in the United States. This initial exposure is a key to educational success, cultural understanding, and more importantly, as the current and future church leadership, preparedness for spiritual formation and discipleship. Using networks through social media channels such as facebook and twitter, as well as through colleagues and personal contacts, the survey–created using google docs–was distributed and remained open for one week, from December 2-9, 2010.

For more information, please contact:

Sophia Agtarap – 206.588.5930


Aaron Willett – 206.569.8556



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